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219 Eibert

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PostSubject: Georgia   Wed Dec 05, 2007 4:40 am

I will spent my 2008 holiday in Georgia, which has recently become part of zone 10.

But all the data of these BIG's are still listed under the old records of 2 BIG's from Poland.

Georgia's 2 BIG's are:
874. Krestovy Pereval
875. Gudauri ski center

I was wondering if these 2 ascensions aren't the same climb actually. Because Gudauri is also at the base of the Cross Pas (#874). And for now I can't check #875 on my map, because of the missing data. Like length and/or height. (and it would be a bit strange that in such a country the only 2 BIG's would be so concentrated on a few square kilometers)

I was lucky to found a quite detailed map (1:600.000) because also on Google maps you cant make much of this area.

I also plan to tackle my first 3K+ pass here. (named Zemo Roke on my map/+3184m)

And there are some other interesting passes listed on my map which leave questions with me, because of their heights (3700-3900) they're very interesting, but they're somehow mystical to me too for nor. Because on my map they're listed with names and the regular sign of a mountain pass. And they're even listed with months of opening. But there are no roads leading towards them. All of them are on the border with Russia, but to me it more looks like passages for people by foot, rather then by bike/car, because they're in glacier area's.

At Gudauri it shouldn't be too hard to find out if those 2 are the same climb or not. Is there anyone who has been here before?
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Etienne Mayeur


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PostSubject: Re: Georgia   Wed Dec 05, 2007 10:21 am

just some data with latitude and longitude

Gudauri is situated on the old Georgian Military Highway, 2000 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the Caucasian Mountains. Here one can find modern hotels and chalets. Gudauri is both a sport and spa-resort. The mountain slopes are covered in snow until April and there are excellent conditions for skiing and other forms of winter sports

Where is Gudauri?

coordinate (WGS84) ::
Latitude (lat): 42°28'39"N
Longitude (lon): 44°28'28"E
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219 Eibert

Posts : 5
Join date : 2007-12-05
Age : 34
Location : Rijswijk / The Netherlands

PostSubject: Re: Georgia   Wed Jun 25, 2008 1:31 am

I'm back from my trip.

For who's interested here's a compilation of my trip (subtitled in Dutch altough) Vakantie_Georgie_2008.wmv.html

And in my opinion some things have to be changed for the Georgian BIG's

1) #874 Krestovy Pereval is listed under the wrong name, as this is the Russian name, but it's a Georgian pass. It should be changed into Djvaris Ughelt, which is the Georgian name

And its also arguable if it starts in Ananuri, to reach this city you've already climbed over 500 vertical meters, but in between are some downhill sections, and from Ananuri its mostly uphill. But you have no other option to first ride all the way to Ananuri as this is the only road leading to the pass, you can't just start in Ananuri without doing the 'climb' towards Ananuri.

It's also worthwile noting that it cannot be climbed anymore from the Russian side. The border is closed at both sides, for everyone.

2) #874 Krestovy Pereval and #875 Gudauri Ski center are the same climb, as I already expected.
#875 should be replaced by any other Georgian (as I believe they deserve at least 2 BIG's).

When you start climbing you will first reach Gudauri, after Gudauri the same road continues to Krestovy Pereval. But after Gudauri the asphalt ends.

In Gudauri there's no other road leading to any other climb of interest.
Now you will be granted 2 BIG's, when actually only climbing one.

So I suggest that #875 should be replaced.

A possible climb to replace with, could be Zkhrats Karo Pass (2454m) which I have climbed, starting at +800 in Borjomi, leading to the ski station of Bakuriani, after which you can go on to the pass, after Bakuriani the asphalt ends, but it's not that bad.

I also did the Tukmatas Pass (2168m), but that's not a real option to replace with, it was just a horrible road and it wasnt a real climb, only going from 1940m to 2168 in 50km.

(I rode on my regular race bike, with luggage and changed 23mm tires into 28mm)
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PostSubject: Re: Georgia   

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