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 Kehlstein or/of/oder Rossfeld

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Kehlstein or Rossfeld
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daniel gobert

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PostSubject: Kehlstein or/of/oder Rossfeld   Wed Oct 24, 2007 12:28 am

Kehlstein is higher but seems to be forbidden with a barreer and police controls. Rossfeld is just nearby, lower. Kehlstein is the highest surfaced road in Germany with Hitler's bunker. Rossfeld is just a pass but allowed, authorized and well surfaced. A surfaced path seems to lay on the other side of Kehlstein. In our list, Kehlstein and Rossfeld stayed one after the other with the number 200. Which one do you prefer ?

climbing is going higher - grimper c'est s'élever
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Etienne Mayeur


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Location : REVES (Belgique)

PostSubject: Re: Kehlstein or/of/oder Rossfeld   Wed Oct 24, 2007 9:45 am

I went to Kehlstein a few years ago. I climb via the forbidden road. No problem. I ride down on the other side on a well surfaced path (1 or 1,5m width) to the Rossfeld road. You can climb it via this path.
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wim van els

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PostSubject: Re: Kehlstein or/of/oder Rossfeld   Fri Dec 14, 2007 10:50 pm

In 2004 I climbed Kehlstein and Rossfeld. I found a road to the Eagels Nest on Kehlstein where I din't see any sign that it was fordidden. I went up Rossfeld and saw a small indication for a narrow road. After I passed the forbidden road, and even after passing the "maut" station I took a narrow road on the right side. This road was not paved but only 1 km and nearly flat. Afterwards there was a wide road. Probably the forbidden one but at that point there were no signs. Soon I turned left, a quiet and narrow, good paved road. I guess the same road Etienne mentioned.
I climbed about 1200 meter in 12 km, including 2 flat km.
Most off the time you ride throug the forest (not on Rosfeld), it is not very scenery, but however, you really bike up to Hitlers Eagels Nest.
This climb is not so beautifull, not so heigh and by far not so hard as the Nebelhorn. But it surely is the nr. 2 in Germany.

Wim van Els
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PostSubject: Re: Kehlstein or/of/oder Rossfeld   

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Kehlstein or/of/oder Rossfeld
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