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 Some corections to some BIGs and my suggestions

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PostSubject: Some corections to some BIGs and my suggestions   Wed Sep 18, 2013 2:27 pm

Big no 650, Gerlitzen, Austria.
This is an example of the climb that has two different height points. On an NW side you have asphalted road to around 1800m height. From then on you can still ride to the top on as it ridable gravel. But the SE side cannot be ridden up to the top on any bike. You can get to around 1700m on an asphalted road. From there, you have a steep mountain path with steep stones and you would have to carry your bike for probably another 2km to get to the top, which doesn't make any sense to me (I had to carry my road bike down as I ascended from the NW side and wanted to descend SW). I think BIG website should take that in consideration and allow the same climb to have different tops on the same mountain. The climb could have like that example two (or more if necessary) sides with different height. It could also state to which height there is ridable road on a road bike. I think most of the climbers here is road bikers. At least most were when I met some of you in Tatras meeting last year.

I also think what should be done on the website is either some sort of "White Book" of the climb or either separate topics for each climb on the forum. This forum is basically dead, there is nearly nothing happening here. A discussion regarding each climb could result in interesting discussions. I was few times in a situation that I couldn't find they way to the top of the climb, especially when it was in the woods where no asphalted roads existed. An example would be BIG 854 Felso-Borovnyak in Hungary where I ascended it from two different sides and didn't find the ridable way to the top of the mountain in the surrounding woods. It didn't make sense to search through the woods in ankle-deep mud on a road bike.

"White book" could decribe each side of the climb. For example for Grooser Arber, Germany (BIG 190), NW side would be: get to a city named Lam, follow road signs to Bayerisch Eisenstein for around 12km, turn right in Brennes at road sign pointing to Grosser Arber, go straight 3km, pass the parking lot and cable railway, descent to Abersee Lake, pass the lake, take right at next crossing (road sign Bodenmais), go up 4km, stop at sign showing 1131m on the right side of the road. When you plan your bike ride you probably often use Google Maps as I do. They show non existing roads and create a lot of confusion. A "white book" or whatever it would be called could help a lot.

You are often in a country where you don't speak local language and where local population doesn't speak foreign languages. Sometimes there is no signs showing the road to the climb and sometimes the maps on BIG website are wrong. For those of us who have GPS (most of the time probably Garmin) it would be better to publish the map also in downloadable GPX format or a link to a map on some route planning website like I'm sure I'm not alone having troubles finding climbs as I have seen directions here on the forum from Kevin Speed who also couldn't find some.

BIG 843, Klet, Czech Republic.
The map shows only one way to the top. This mountain is surrounded by asphalted, numbered cyclo routes. You can get to the top using at least three of them. I think they don't differ much in steepness. Probably someone from Czech Republic should be able to add more sides to this climb.

BIG 190, Grosser Arber, Germany
This is an example of the climb that could have sides at different points at different altitude. The most characteric point is on a parking lot in front of cable railway.  The highest point though is on the middle of the road.

BIG 495, Las Canadas del Teide, Tenerife, Canary Islands
This BIG could easily benefitted from "white book". I got to the parking lot next to cable railway which seemed to be the highest point on the road. I couldn't find what seem to be the highest point on the photos next to that BIG on BIG's website. Later on we decided to go a bit further and this was the highest point on my GPS. But GPs relies on calibration and is often wrong. And when you are tired you don't want to stop every 50 or 100m to check the map or GPS. I also think that when there is very little difference in altitude it would be better to designate a charactistic point as the top of the climb. On that particular climb parking lot next to cable railway shows me 2345m while the highest point shows 2360m and is located somewhere on the road and not easy to find. 15m difference is not important in my opinion and it would be better to designate cable railway parking lot as top of the climb.
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daniel gobert

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PostSubject: Re: Some corections to some BIGs and my suggestions   Wed Oct 30, 2013 12:05 am

OK Jajacek, we'll add those observations in our coming works. Thanks a lot for those ideas and reactions.

climbing is going higher - grimper c'est s'élever
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Some corections to some BIGs and my suggestions
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