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 Plans for May 2013 - Germany

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PostSubject: Plans for May 2013 - Germany   Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:38 am

German Cycling Itinerary May 2013

Friday 17th May
Train Holmes Chapel 06.32, Crewe 06.46. Crewe 07.17, London Euston 08.52
London St Pancras 10.58 on Eurostar EST 9126, arrive Brussels Midi 14.05.
Brussels Midi 14.25 on ICE 17, arrive Cologne Hbf 16.15
Use of hire car between climbs.
Leave at 16.00, drive 42km (29 miles) 2 hours to Konigswinter for
Petersberg BIG 177 (17.30 – 18.30) Direction: start to right of Konigswinter bahnhof on Ittenbach road L331, Ferdinand Mulhenstraβe then left on Rosenauerweg, left near top. (19.00 – 21.00) 4.2km 2 hours
Later take roads through Oberpleis, Buchholz, Altenkirchen, Roth, Siegen to Winterberg. 126km, 78 miles, 2 hours
Total 6 hours (22.00) Park up for the night

Saturday 18th May
BIG 178 Kahler Asten, east of Dusseldorf. Location is southwest of Winterberg on Altastenberg road, third turn on the left (first left is Winterbergstrasse, followed by a minor left turn) Direction: Between Altastenberg and Winterberg on road L640 to Hochheide, turn right near top. From Schmallenburg 19km 3 hours
Later drive through Winterberg, Olsberg, Briton, Padeborn, Bad Meinberg on road L239 for Detmold 106km, 66miles (Pages 70, 71, 57) 2 hours
BIG 152 Hermannsdenkmal, north-east-east of Dortmund. Direction: Head left for Heiligenkirchen then L878 road named Denkmalstraβe. Continue over to Detmold then take a right on L938 Paderbornerstraβe and back to car. 4km, 1 hour
Hoxter, Bad Gandersheim, Osterode 135km or further to Braunlage 155km, 97 miles, 2.5 hours
(Pages 57, 58, 59)
BIG 184 Sonnenberg (Harz) Direction: Between Osterode am Harz and Braunlage take road south for Bad Lauterberg on L519. From Braunlage 11 km 2 hours
Osterode to Eland 45km or Braunlage to Eland 5km 3 miles (Pages 59, 60)
Total 11 hours, 09.00 – 20.00 Sleep at Eland

Sunday 19th May
BIG 185 Brocken (Harz) Direction: At Eland east of Braunlage take road L99 Hagenstraβe through Schierke on Hauptstraβe, off at roundabout where way forward is on Hagenstraβe. From Eland 14km, 3 hours
Eland to Blankenberg 21km, 13 miles, 30 minutes
BIG 186 Roβtrappe (Harz) Blankenberg-Thale-Guntersberge road, right - southwest for Thale, then right before Thale, From Blankenburg, 9km, 2 hours
Later drive through Blankenberg, Nordhausen, Heilbad, Witzenhausen, south to Abterode on Eschwege road 122km, 76 miles, 2 hours. (Pages 60, 74, 73)
BIG 153 Hohermeissner, east of Kassel From Abterode, west, right fork, right again then left off the road going north to Witzenhausen (Pages 60, 59, 73) or between Velmeden and Vockerode/Germerode on L3241. Take road north L3242, then left again further up then 2 more right turns to top. From Abterode 5 km, 1.5 hours
Drive Abterode, head for Eschwege but south before that on Fulda road through Bad Hersfeld, Alsfeld, (go to south German map from this point)Lauterbach, Herbstein, Ilbesten, 123km, 76 miles, 2 hours.
Total 11 hours 09.00 – 20.00

Monday 20th May
BIG 154 Hoherodskopf, north east of Frankfurt. On Schotten-Breuengeshain-Iberhausen road east of Buzbach, north of Frankfurt. Direction: between Eichelsdorf and Illbesthausen – Hochwaldhausen south of Herbstein. Eichelsdorf-Rainrod-Schotten-Breungeshain, From Illbehausen 8km 2 hours
Later drive Ilbesthousen through Fulda, and east for Poppenhausen 55km, 35 miles, 1 hour.
BIG 180 Wasserkuppe, east of Fulda. From Poppenhausen to the east on L3307 heading for Ehrenberg, head west at Wasserkuppe village past the museum. From Poppenhausen 10km, 2.5 hours
Later drive back to Fulda then north through Hunfeld, Eisenach to Tabarz 100km, 62 miles, 2 hours (Pages 89, 88/11)
BIG 179 Grosser Inselberg, west of Erfurt. Tabartz/Cabartz to Schmalkalden, south west of Gotha. Direction: Between Tabarz and Floh-Seligenthal/Schmalkalden to the west on K10 to top – Stoy Denkmal (left fork), from Tabartz 9km, 2 hours
Long drive, Bad Neustadt, Meiningen, Eisfeld, Zwickau, Chemnitz, Dresden 320km, 237 miles, 4.5 hours
(Pages 88, 103, 89, 90, 91, 92, 78, 79, 80/11) Total 14.5 hours, (09.00 – 22.00)

Tuesday 21st May
Drive to Schmilka, 62km, 40 miles, 1 hour.
BIG 162 Winterbergstraβe, south east of Dresden. From Schmilka on the Elbe take Wurzelweg road by side of Ilmenbach stream then first right on to Winterbergstraβe. 6km, 2 hours
Schmilka, Dresden, Freiburg, Marienberg, Schwartzenberg, Breitenbrunn 130km, 81 miles, 2 hours.
(Pages 80, 79, 94, 93/11)
Total 5 hours, 14.00 – 19.00

Wednesday 22nd May
BIG 188 Fichtelgeberg, south of Zwickau, from Breitenbrunn heading for Oberwiesenthal take S273 then S271 through Rittersgrun then left to top. 14km, 3 hours
BIG 187 Auersberg, south of Zwickau, also starts from Breitenbrunn (Page 93/11) but start at Aue. Also from Breitenbrunn between Aue and Auerbach take road S272 then right (north) on road Sausschwemme to top. Then a right turn off Elbenstockerstrasse. From Aue 12km, 3 hours
Breitenbrunn, Schwarzenberg, Aue, Adorf, Weiden, Cham, Furth im Wald 204km, 127 miles, 3 hours
(Pages 93, 92, 106, 116, 117)
BIG 189 Schwarzriegel, east of Regensberg near Czech border. Southeast of Furth in Wald near Czech border on Rembach/Kotzling road. Start at Furth Im Wald road St 2161 Aussere, Kutzingerstraβe for Rimbach then right on Diensthuttenweg. From Furth 8km, 2 hours
Total 11 hours, (09.00 – 20.00)

Thursday 23rd May
Drive Furth, Rimbach, Kotzting to Lam 22km, 15 miles, 30 minutes
BIG 190 Groβer Arber, east of Regensberg near Czech border. Lam then road st2154 for Bodenmais to the top. (Pages 129, 128) From Lam 24 km, 3 hours
From Lam over side of Groβer Arber to Bayerisch Eisenstein 22km, 15 miles, 30 minutes
Zelezna Ruda for Pancir from the south (Pages 117, 128, 129)
BIG 841 Pancir, (Czech Republic). Take road north again heading for Nyrsko, through Spicak take a right, later a left fork then second left to the top.From Zelezna Ruda 14km, 3 hours
Zelenza Ruda, north to Klatovy, east through Strakonice and Vodnany to Cesky Krumlov. 155km, 97 miles, 2.5 hours
Total 9.5 hours (09.00 – 18.30)

Friday 24th May
BIG 842 Klet (Czech Republic) 1083m climb starts from Cesky Krumlov Direction: In Cesky Krumlov at north part of town over river at Latran take road tr Miru which becomes Vysenska then later right at Vysny, another left then right. Mast and grey tower marks the top. From Cesky Krumlov 12km, 2.5 hours
Drive Cesky Krumlov, Wullowitz (Austria) , Rainbach then take a right (west) for Summerau, Aigen 90km, 56 miles, 1.5 hours for
BIG 636 Moldaublick. (A) 1023m Between Ulrichsberg and Aigen to the south. From Aigen through Berghaus, Grunwald off Bohmerwald Landstraβe on road L590. Do a circular over to Ulrichsberg and back to car. From Aigen, 2 hours
Drive Aigen, Passau, Burghausen, Freilassing, autobahn through Rosenheim, Kufstein, Innsbruck to Schonberg for Stubaital 352km, 222 miles, 5 hours (pages 183 and 190)
Total 11 hours, (09.00 – 20.00)

Saturday 25th May
BIG 615 Mutterbergalm, Austria. South of Innsbruck. From Schonberg. 40km, 7 hours
Drive autobahn Schonberg , Innsbruck to Telfs then main road Lermoos, Sonthofen, Obertsdorf 180km, 112 miles, 3 hours. (pages 190, 150, 149)
BIG 192 Nebelhorn, Germany. From Obertsdorf, south of Kempten. Direction: In Obertsdorf east Am Faltenbach becomes Schanzenstraβe after Schattenberg Ski station, road goes to top. 9km, 3 hours
Total 13 hours, (09.00 – 22.00)

Sunday 26th May
Drive Obertsdorf, Sonthofen, autobahn from Immenstadt through Kempten, Memmingen to Westhausen then east on main road through Nordlingen to Hussingen then left for Wassertrudingen. 265km, 165 miles, 4 hours
BIG 164 Hesselberg, south west of Nuremberg Between Wassertrudigen and Wittelshofen go right along Hesselbergstraβe road AN48 at west of village of Gerolfingen, 3km, 1 hour
Drive over from Wassertrudigen to Dinkelsbuhl and west 12km on to autobahn, south as far as Ulm then west through Ehingen, Herbertingen to Balingen. 243km, 152 miles, 4 hours
BIG 175 Lochenpass, south of Stuttgart In Balingen take Wilhelm Krautstrasse heading south on road L440 to Tieringen, 9km from Balingen, 2.5 hours.
Total 11.5 hours, 09.00 – 20.30

Monday 27th May
Balingen, Rottweil, Scramberg, Wolfach, Bad Peterstal 85km, 52 miles, 1.5 hours (Pages 132, 131)
BIG 169 Locherbergwassen, between Strasbourg and Stuttgart. Direction; between Oberharmersbach and Ibach road L94. Talsstraβe from Oberharmersbach. Junction of roads at top.From Oberharmsbach 4km, 1 hour
Bad Peterstal, Oppenau, east on road L92 20km, 12 miles, 30 minutes (Page 131)
BIG 168 Schliffkopf, between Strasbourg and Stuttgart. Direction: between Bad Peterstal-Greisbach and Ottenhofen or Oppenau and Ottenhofen on road number 500 From Ottenhofen 17km, 3 hours
Oppenau, Ruhestein then right turn at Mummelsee 15km, 10 mls, 30 mins (Page 131)
BIG 167 Hornisgrinde between Strasbourg and Stuttgart. Direction: Between Ottenhofen (south) and Sasbachwalden through Seebach on road number 500 Ruhesteinstraβe, to the right at Mummelsee. Tower and mast at top. From Ottenhofen 15km, 3 hours (Pages 131, 132, 133, 123, 124)
Total 9.5 hours (09.00 – 18.30)

Tuesday 28th May
Hornisgrinde to Katzenbuckel 160km through Buhlertal, Baden-Baden, autobahn north to Heidelberg and Neckarsteinach then road to Eberbach, 100 miles, 2.5 hours
BIG 183 Katzenbuckel, east of Mannheim. Start from Antonslust on Eberbach-Mudau-Buchen road. Direction: Between Neckargerach (south) and Eberbach on road L634. At Oberdielbach go north (right) then left at Waldkatzenbach, 11km, 2 hours
Drive Eberbach, Heidelberg, autobahn to Bingen then follow west bank of Rhine, through Koblenz, Bonn to Cologne.235km, 146 miles, 4 hours
Total 8.5 hours (09.00 – 17.30) return car at 17.30
Wednesday 29th May
Return 11.43 Platform 6 Cologne Hbf ICE16 to Brussels Midi 13.35
Depart Brussels Midi 14.56, Eurostar EST 9141, arrive London St Pancras 15.57
Depart Euston 17.36, arrive Crewe 19.10.
Depart Crewe 19.50, arrive Holmes Chapel 20.02
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PostSubject: Re: Plans for May 2013 - Germany   Mon May 27, 2013 12:25 am

Happy that you're still so active like this. Tell us what about when you'll be back !
Good travel ?

climbing is going higher - grimper c'est s'élever
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Plans for May 2013 - Germany
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