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 results from my Summer tour of the Alps 2011

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PostSubject: results from my Summer tour of the Alps 2011   Sat Jul 30, 2011 2:18 am

July 4th Monday (169.2 km, 4594m, max 27%, 15-36°C)
(Chamonix - Villars-sur-Ollon)
Col des Montets 1461 FR-74-1461
Col de la Forclaz 1528 CH-VS-1528 BIG573
Dèquemanlieu (route de Barme) 1619 pass
Les Pas/Col de Ripailles 1823 CH-VS-1823 (R1)
(Col de) Planachaux 1808 pass (R1-2 north, R1 west)
Pas de Croisette 1870 CH-VS-1870 (R1)
La Foilleuse 1801 pass (R1-2 north)
Col de l’Abréviau/Col du Madzé 1628 CH-VS-1628 (R1 north)
Portes de Culet 1787 CH-VS-1787
Col de la Conche 1687 CH-VS-1653 (R1 250m east)

July 5th Tuesday (111.2 km, 3545m, max 23%, 16-34°C)
(Villars-sur-Ollon - St. Stephan)
Col des Bouquetins/de Beaucul 1759 CH-VD-1759 (R1 110m east)
Col de Bretaye 1806 CH-VD-1806a (R1 350m on the way south)
Vy Boveyre 1795 pass
La Forclaz 1261 CH-VD-1261
Col des Andérets 2030 CH-VD-2030 (R1 ca. 400m here and there south)
Col du Pillon 1546 CH-VD-1546a
Col de la Forcla 1683 CH-VD-1660 (R1-2 east)
Pertet à Bovets 1840 CH-VD-1840 (S1-2 200m south)
Saanenmöser 1279 pass
Uf de Chessle (Hornberg) 1814 pass (S south)
Parwenge 1836 pass (R1)
Parwengesattel 1833 CH-BE-1787 (R1)
Rüwlispass 1718 CH-BE-1718b (R1)

July 6th Wednesday (150.7 km, 4692m, max 24%, 12-31°C)
(St. Stephan - Rinderalp)
Vordere Schwarzesee (Sparemoos) 1616 pass (S south)
Schiltenegg/Nüjeberg 1783 mountain
Jaunpass/Col de Bellegarde 1509 CH-BE-1504
Euschelspass 1567 CH-FR-1567a (R1-2 north) (asphalt ends at 1579 at the pass)
Salzmatt 1636 pass (S west)
Wasserscheidi 1584 CH-BE-1584a
Selibüelpass/Gurnigel 1594 CH-BE-1594 BIG547 (road 1609m)
Grund 869 pass
Rohrmoos/Engi 707 pass
Rinderalp 1690 pass (R1 west, R2 east)

July 7th Thursday (142.5 km, 2710m, max 27%, 17-33°C)
(Rinderalp - Kaiserstuhl/Bürglen)
Hinder Tärfete/Hintertärfeten Chrindi 1824 pass (R1 175m)
Brünigpass 1008 CH-BE-1008
Sewenegg 1742 CH-OW-1742 (R1 north, 10m+10m+30m R1 south)
Glaubenbergpass 1543 CH-OW-1543 BIG548

July 8th Friday (165.8 km, 3671m, max 22%, 13-27°C)
(Kaiserstuhl/Bürglen - Randa)
Brünigpass 1008 CH-BE-1008
Bäregg 2451 CH-BE-2451 (R1)
Oberaarsee 2303 BIG566 (went to highest point on road)
Grimselpass 2164 CH-BE-2165b

July 9th Saturday (189.5 km, 3465m, max 21%, 14-37°C)
(Randa - Prato Sornico)
Täschalp 2214 valley
Simplonpass/Passo del Sempione 2006 CH-VS-2005 BIG583
Druogno 831 pass

July 10th Sunday (130 km ?, 2360m, max 22%, 14-26°C)
(Prato Sornico - Acquarossa)
Lago del Narèt 2313 valley BIG586

July 11th Monday (155.3 km, 4182m, max 21%, 14-37°C)
(Acquarossa - Laax)
Lago Luzzone 1609 valley BIG588
Passo Muazz 1697 CH-TI-1697 (R1 500m)
Passo del Lucomagno/Cuolm Lucmagn/Lukmanierpass 1914 CH-GR-1915 BIG587 (road 1972m)
Nallpass (Alp Nova) 2074 pass (R1 2km, road 2080m)

July 12th Tuesday (152.8 km, 3456m, max 20%, 13-37°C)
(Laax - St. Antönien)
Laax/Flims ”high point” 1111 pass
Arosa 1737 BIG593
Sattel (Sattelalp/Mittler Hütte) 2015 CH-GR-2015 (R1 180m)
Aschüel 1607 pass (S west)
Bärgli 2137 mountain

July 13th Wednesday (86 km, 2262m, max 20%, 10-28°C)
(St. Antönien - Schiers - train - Bludenz - Lech)
Flexenpass 1773 AT-VO-1773
Spullersee 1835 pass (S south, R1 along lake)

July 14th Thursday (122 km, 3115m, max 23%, 6-23°C)
(Lech - Ötztal bahnhof - train - Kitzbühel - Jochberg)
Flexenpass 1773 AT-VO-1773
Arlbergpass 1793 AT-TI-1793
Kitzbüheler horn 1996 mountain BIG620 (road ends at 1990m)

July 15th Friday (144.8 km, 3554m, max 27%, 3-15°C)
(Jochberg - Döllach)
Pass Thurn 1274 AT-SA-1274
Felbertauern (tunnel) 1607 pass (1607 north, 1632 south, max 1650)
Fuscher-Törl 2406 AT-SA-2406
Edelweißspitze 2572 mountain
Törlkopf viewpoint 2428 mountain
Mittertörl (tunnel) 2327 AT-SA-2375b
Hochtor (tunnel) 2504 AT-SA-2504 BIG625
Kasereck 1905 AT-KÄ-1905c

July 16th Saturday (193.6 km, 3561m, max 18%, 13-28°C)
(Döllach - Villach - train - Aich - Soboth)
Iselsbergpass 1209 AT-OT-1209
Halsl 1662 pass
Goldeck 1900 mountain
Koglereck (Magdalensberg) 1347 AT-KÄ-1347

July 17th Sunday (133.4 km, 3186m, max 24%, 15-38°C)
(Soboth - St. Andrä - train - Klagenfurt - Deutscher Peter)
Mauthnereck 923 pass
Weinebene 1666 AT-KÄ-1668 BIG662
Kleine Loiblpass 770 AT-KÄ-0770
Loiblpass/Ljubelj (old) 1368 AT-KÄ-1368 (R1-2)
Loiblpass/Ljubelj (tunnel) 1068 pass

July 18th Monday (116.7 km, 2375m, max 33% ?, 11-25°C)
(Deutscher Peter - Alpe west of Cason di Lanza)
Wurzenpass/Korensko Sedlo 1073 AT-KÄ-1073
Valico di Fusine 853 pass
Sella di Camporosso/Saifnitzer Sattel 816 pass
Passo del Cason di Lanza/Lanzenpaß 1557 pass BIG722

July 19th Tuesday (113.2 km, 4002m, max 24%, 13-32°C)
(Alpe west of Cason di Lanza - Raveo)
Forcella di Liûs 1003 pass
Sella di (Monte) Zoncolan (Monte Zoncolan) 1739 pass BIG720
Panoramica delle Vette (Monte Crostis) 1982 mountain
(pass before) Monte Valsecca 1882 pass (R1 S3 20m)
Sella Valcalda 950 pass
Stavolo Quas 832 pass

July 20th Wednesday (150.6 km, 3336m, max 20%, 11-25°C)
(Raveo - Spert)
Forca/Forcella di Priuso 652 pass
Forca di/Forcella del Monte Rest 1061 pass
Pian delle Merìe 548 pass
Forcella di Pala Barzana 846 pass
Forcella del Dint 462 pass
Passo la Crosetta 1119 pass
Campon (fr. Piano di Cansiglio) 1046 pass

July 21st Thursday (155.2 km, 3358m, max 20%, 13-33°C)
(Spert - Caldonazzo)
Nevegal 1029 pass
Valmorel 791 pass
Croce d’Aune 1018 pass
Passo della Baia 1190 pass (R1)
Celada 1163 pass
Passo Forcella/La Forcella 909 IT-TN-0900

July 22nd Friday (128.3 km, 3665m, max 26%, 16-37°C)
(Caldonazzo - Peschiera - train - Milano - car - Varazze)
(Sella di) Vigolo Vattaro 725 pass
Jeep to Scanuppia/Malga Palazzo 850 mountain
Passo San Giovanni 272 IT-TN-0272
Telegrafo/Punta Veleno 1156 mountain BIG747
Lumini ”sopra” 734 pass
Lumini ”sotto” 725 IT-VR-0695

July 23th Saturday (167.9 km, 3508m, max 14%, 17-29°C)
(Varazze - Savona - train - Bussaleno - Novalesa)
Sella di Alzabecchi 693 IT-SV-0693
Giogo di Toirano 807 IT-SV-0807
Colle di Melogno 1028 IT-SV-1028
Sella Macciò 944 IT-SV-0944
Colle del Doppio Bivio 980 pass
Colla del Bresca 588 IT-SV-0581
Colle/Bocchetta di Cadibona/Altare IT-SV-0440

July 24th Sunday (152.7 km, 4357m, max 19%, 5-25°C)
(Novalesa - Montricher)
Col du Mont Cenis/Colle del Moncenisio 2081 FR-73-2081 BIG288
Bellecombe/Plan du Lac 2370 pass
Le Col 1633 FR-73-1633a
l’Orgère 1935 valley

July 25th Monday (156.8 km, 3165m, max 17%, 6-25°C)
(Montricher - Lans-en-Vercors)
Col d'Albanne 1652 FR-73-1652
Le Poingt Ravier 1644 pass
Collet du Plan Nicolas 2406 FR-73-2406
Col du Galibier 2642 FR-05-2642a BIG291
Col du Lautaret 2057 FR-05-2057
Le Goulet 1140 FR-38-1140
Lans-en-Vercors 1004 pass

July 26th Tuesday (94.8 km, 2662m, max 32%, 11-32°C)
(Lans-en-Vercors - St. Pierre-de-Entremont)
Col de la Croix Servagnet 1235 FR-38-1235 (S west)
Col de la Croix Perrin 1218 FR-38-1218
Col de la Molière 1632 FR-38-1632 (S east)
Pas du Mortier (tunnel) 1389 FR-38-1389
Col de Montaud 1069 FR-38-1069a (R1 30m)
Col de la Charmette 1261 FR-38-1261
Alpage de Charmant Som 1642 pass (S2-3 west)
Chalets de Charmant Som 1669 mountain
Col du Cucheron 1139 FR-38-1139

July 27th Wednesday ()
(St. Pierre-de-Entremont - Chambèry - train - Chamonix)
Col du Granier/Frêne 1134 FR-73-1134 BIG268
Pas de la Fosse (tunnel) 822 FR-73-0822

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Martin Kool


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PostSubject: Re: results from my Summer tour of the Alps 2011   Sat Jul 30, 2011 10:52 am

Wooow Jerry, that's a Marmotte/Maratona/ötztaler etc almost every day in one month! Respect.
It seems to me you enjoyed the trip according your facebook postings.
How is the tooth?
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PostSubject: Re: results from my Summer tour of the Alps 2011   Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:03 pm

Martin Kool wrote:
Wooow Jerry, that's a Marmotte/Maratona/ötztaler etc almost every day in one month! Respect.
It seems to me you enjoyed the trip according your facebook postings.
How is the tooth?

Yes, it was a lovely trip, but of course with some tough moments with bad weather and so. Tooth fixed on the first day at home (yesterday) - the most irritating thing, but lucky it did not happen earlier - be careful with French bread! Wink

Not every day was super hard (esp. when I had to take the train, but even such days were often hard as I usually managed to get some climbing in).

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PostSubject: Re: results from my Summer tour of the Alps 2011   

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results from my Summer tour of the Alps 2011
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