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1.000 cycling climbs/ascensions cyclistes
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 Adventure - Passion - Spirit

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Etienne Mayeur


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PostSubject: Adventure - Passion - Spirit   Fri Sep 28, 2007 12:50 pm

To all members or not of the BIG challenge.

As already written, for me BIG = Adventure with a big "A".
Now you are deciding to choose new climbs to replace Turkey.
You want to leave 10 free BIGs ! Why ? To add old climbing without cycling for this ?
You already choose for Crimea. Why not for other european countries like Albania, Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Belarus, Estonia, Feroa, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Russia or Turkey. All this contries are members of European Concil.
Why zero Bigs there and 2 in flate lands like Danemark or 7 in Finland ?
If you want to reach 1000, you have to go outside your own country and outside your own continent.
Why climbing in Australia, Japan, Congo, Uruguay, Mexico and not Georgia ?
Do you know where are taking place Olympics Games in 2014 ? Don' t you know Sochi ?
Are you afraid about Albania ? Not about Bosnia or Serbia ?
If you are not satisfied with the Bigs choosen in your own country you can create your own country-challenge like CIMA in Spain

Just choose for one simple rule : 10 free Bigs in European Countries that are not yet in the challenge !
May be also with a total of 5000m

just for your eyes :

It sould be a pity to choose the easiest way to get 10 more BIGs.

Have a good vote.

Adventure - Passion - Spirit
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PostSubject: Re: Adventure - Passion - Spirit   Sat Oct 13, 2007 12:39 pm

suivre les conseils du
minitère français des affaires étrangères
tous ces pays sont déconseillés (plus ou moins implicitement)
quant à la délinquance elle est minorée faute de stats
mais à lire les compte rendus réguliers de cyclos y étant allés affraid
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Adventure - Passion - Spirit
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