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 results of my Tour of the Alps 2010

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PostSubject: results of my Tour of the Alps 2010   Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:31 am

July 2010:

July 5th Monday - (228,5 km, 5072m up, max. 22% up, 16-36°C)
Col de Fay 680m FR-01-0680
Col de Portes/Chartreuse de Portes 1010m FR-01-1010a (BIG263)
Col du Ballon 942m FR-01-0942
Col de la Lèbe 914m FR-01-0914
Relais de Planachat 1244m (BIG241)
Col du Sapenay 897m FR-73-0897
Col de Cessens 797m FR-73-0797
Col du Goléron 643m FR-74-0643
Col de la Clusaz 1184m FR-73-1184a
Golet du Taisson 1487m FR-73-1487
Golet de la Pierre/Mont Revard 1508m FR-73-1508 (BIG267)
Passage du Croc 1413m FR-73-1413
Col de Plainpalais 1173m FR-73-1173
Col de Leschaux 897m FR-74-0897

July 6th Tuesday - (155,5 km, 3720m, 19%, 15-32°C)
Col des Menulles 714m FR-74-0714
La Clef des Faux 727m FR-74-0727
Col de Mallebranche 702m FR-74-0702
Col des Convers 1305m FR-74-1305
Col des Pitons/Mont Salève 1335m FR-74-1335 (BIG275)
Col de la Croisette 1176m FR-74-1176b
Col du Mont Sion 786m FR-74-0786
Col de la Croix Biche 801m FR-74-0801a
Col de Menthières 1128m FR-01-1128
Cirque des Avalanches 1173m (BIG239)
Col de Sur la Semine 1150m FR-39-1150
Col de la Croix de la Serra/Col du Désertin 1049m FR-39-1049
Haut-Crêt 1165m (BIG237)

July 7th Wednesday - (173 km, 3058m, 22%, 16-33°C)
Col de la Faucille 1320m FR-01-1320 (BIG238)
Col de la Vattay/Combe Blanche 1390m FR-01-1390a
Col de la Givrine 1228m CH-VD-1228 (BIG527)
Col du Marchairuz 1447m CH-VD-1447 (BIG528)
Col de Pétra Félix 1144m CH-VD-1144
Col du Mollendruz 1174m CH-VD-1174a
Col du Mont-d'Orzeires/Col de Pierre Punex 1061m CH-VD-1061
Vyfourches 1045m CH-VD-1045
Col de Landoz-Neuve 1260m FR-25-1260
Mont d’Or 1415m (BIG235)
Mont Morond 1419m (BIG234)
Col des Hôpitaux 1046m FR-25-1046
Col de Jougne/Col d'Enchaux 1025m FR-25-1025

July 8th Thursday - (157,5 km, 3941m, 27%, 19-37°C)
Col de l'Aiguillon 1293m CH-VD-1284 (BIG530)
Col des Etroits 1152m CH-VD-1152
Col de Sonloup 1149m CH-VD-1149
Col de Jaman 1512m CH-VD-1512 (BIG543)
Col de Chaude 1621m CH-VD-1621

July 9th Friday - (136,5 km, 4082m, 21%, 20-38°C)
Col d'Ayerne 1465m CH-VD-1465
Col de Sonlomont 1503m CH-VD-1503
Col de la Forcla 1660m CH-VD-1660
La Forcla 1209m CH-VD-1209a
Mittelberg 1633m pass (classic pass)
Fluehebärg/Reidigenpass 1616m CH-BE-1604 (1690m after the pass)
Jaunpass/Col du Jaun 1504m CH-BE-1504 (BIG546)

July 10th Saturday - (134 km, 3294m, 19%, 18-39°C)
Gestelenpass/Meieberg 1851m CH-BE-1851 (up to 2 km R1 mostly west side, asphalt at pass on west side)
Schallenbergpass 1167m CH-BE-1167
Hilferenpass 1290m CH-LU-1290
Glaubenbüelen Pass 1611m CH-OW-1611 (actual pass 1565m) (BIG549)

July 11th Sunday - (126 km, 3811m, 20%, 15-34°C)
Tannen/Melchsee-Frutt 1974m unnamed pass (pass height 1980m) (BIG551)
Ächerlipass 1458m CH-NW-1398 (BIG550)
Ibergereggpass 1406m CH-SZ-1406a
Fuederegg 1482m CH-SZ-1482
Nühüttli 1662m unnamed pass

July 12th Monday - (167 km, 2596m, ?%, 20-40°C)
Sattelegg 1190m CH-SZ-1190
Kerenzerberg 800m? (shown as pass on map)
Churerjoch/Joch/Hauptjoch 2020m CH-GR-2020b (R1 ca. 1,5 km)
Lenzerheidepass/Parpaner Höhe 1546m CH-GR-1546b (BIG592)

July 13th Tuesday - (190 km, 3726m, 16%, 17-34°C)
Albulapass/Pass d’Alvra 2312m CH-GR-2312 (BIG596)
Ova Spin 1886m unnamed pass
Ofenpass/Pass dal Fuorn/Passo del Forno 2149m CH-GR-2149b (BIG595)
Gampen Joch/Passo Palade 1518m IT-BZ-1512 (BIG703)

July 14th Wednesday - (176 km, 3686m, 17%, 16-41°C)
Passo Campo Carlo Magno 1681m IT-TN-1681
Val Genova/Rif. Bédole 1641m (BIG705)
Sella di Bondo 823m IT-TN-0823
Passo dell’Ampolo 747m IT-TN-0747
Passo di Tremalzo/della Crocetta 1664m IT-TN-1664 (BIG745)
Passo del Dil 1722m IT-TN-1722 (R1 ca. 0.5 km)

July 15th Thursday - (140,5 km, 3466m, 25%, 17-41°C)
Prati di Nago (via Strada Vecchia) 1525m (BIG746)
Passo San Giovanni 272m IT-TN-0272
Passo Fittanze della Sega 1399m IT-TN-1399
Valico del Branchetto 1586m IT-VR-1586 (apparently, by mistake)
Croce di Parparo 1392m IT-VR-1392
Velo Veronese 1084m pass/village

July 16th Friday - (155 km, 3253m, 16%, 24-37°C)
Passo Gioichè 1148m IT-VR-1148
Passo del Zovo/Zovo di Castelvecchio/Marana 764m IT-VI-0764
Passo di Campogrosso 1458m IT-VI-1458 (BIG729)
Passo Xon 667m IT-VI-0667
Conco 830m IT-VI-0826 (via Lusiana)

July 17th Saturday - (277 km, 8272m, 24%, 17-41°C)
Sella d’Archeson 1445m IT-TV-1442
Forcella del Boccaor 1380m IT-TV-1380
Monte Grappa/Rifugio Bassano 1720m (BIG727)
Monte Grappa/Rifugio Bassano 1720m (BIG727)
Forcelletto 1396m IT-VI-1391
Forcelletto 1396m IT-VI-1391
Monte Grappa/Rifugio Bassano 1720m (BIG727)
Forcelletto 1396m IT-VI-1391
Forcelletto 1396m IT-VI-1391
Monte Grappa/Rifugio Bassano 1720m (BIG727)
Monte Grappa/Rifugio Bassano 1720m (BIG727)

July 18th Sunday - (126,5 km, 2122m, 15%, 15-30°C)
Colle Zolina 1122m IT-VI-1118
Bocchetta Galgi 1054m IT-VI-1054
Passo Stretto 1056m IT-VI-1061
Sella di Campomulo 1606m IT-VI-1606
Passo di Sbarbatal 1602m IT-VI-1602 (R1 6 km)
Piana di Marcesina (Rifugio Barricata) 1373m (asphalted pass, one-way)

July 19th Monday - (159,5 km, 3939m, 20%, 15-38°C)
Monte Tomba 869m & Passo del Tomba 861m IT-BL-0861 (BIG726)
Passo Praderadego 911m IT-BL-0911 (R1 1 km south side)
Passo San Boldo 706m IT-BL-0706
Collalto 1374m & Piancavallo/Piano del Cavallo 1283m pass (BIG725)

July 20th Tuesday - (138 km, 2830m, 19%, 16-37°C)
Passo di Sant’Osvaldo 828m pass
Forcella/Passo Cibiana 1534m IT-BL-1534 (BIG718)
Forcella Rite/Deona 2055m IT-BL-2055 & Monte Rite 2165m (R1 6-7 km)

July 21th Wednesday - (159 km, 3912m, 23%, 18-35°C)
Passo della Mauria 1302m IT-BL-1302
Sella/Cima Corso 868m pass
Forca di Pani 1116m pass (12,1% for 5,28 km)
Sella Chiampon 789m pass
Sella Chianzutan 955m pass
Cuel di Forchia 884m pass (very hard climb)
Monte San Simone 1215m (also pass?)

July 22nd Thursday - (144,5 km, 3418m, 25%, 17-38°C)
Forca del Cristo/Cristeit/Cristo di Forca 980m pass (virtually unknown)
Sella Carnizza 1086m pass (BIG723)
Passo di Tanamea 857m pass
Passo di Monte Croce 256m pass
Monte Mataiur/Matajur 1325m (BIG724)

July 23rd Friday - (108,5 km, 2491m, 17%, 17-47°C (bicycle stood in the sun during lunch))
Vartazia/Vartaca 624m pass
Passo Prievalo/Sedlo Prieval/Passo di S. Martino 663m pass
Passo Solarie/Sedlo Solarji 956m pass
Passo Zagradan/Skrbina Za Gradom 1080m pass
Passo di Naverco 1110m pass
Passo Zacotan/Kuk/Monte Cucco 1135m pass
(Passo di) Livek/Luico (Livski preval) 693m pass
Passo di Predil/Predel 1156m pass
Sella di Camporosso 816m pass

July 24th Saturday - (131 km, 2500m, 25%, 9-25°C)
Sella di Cereschiàtis 1066m pass
Passo Sappada 1286m IT-BL-1276
Passo di Col di Caneva 1844m IT-BL-1844 (R1 200m)
Passo Avanza 1734m IT-BL-1734 (R1-2 400m)

July 25th Sunday - (158,5 km, 4102m, 22%, 11-36°C)
Forcella Zovo 1609m IT-BL-1609
Monte Zovo 1900m (fr. La Baita R1-2 ca. 3-4 km; fr. Costa R1 1 km)
Kreuzbergpass/Passo di Monte Croce di Comélico 1636m IT-BZ-1636
Hochsteinhütte 2023m (BIG629) (via Thal Römerweg - the most logical & demanding way up and the only one not described on the web)
Pustertaler Höhenstraße 1441m (up & down)
Toblacher Sattel/Sella di Dobbiaco 1221m IT-BZ-1209

July 26th Monday - (100 km, 2000m, 18%, 11-32°C)
Furkelpass/Passo Furcia/Jù de Furcia/Furker Sattel/Furkelsattel 1759m IT-BZ-1759
Würzjoch/Passo delle Erbe/Ju de Börz 1996m IT-BZ-1992 (via Rü/Rina 1430->1330) (BIG710)
Halsl/Kofeljoch/Passo Éores/Passo Rodella 1863m IT-BZ-1863
Russiskreuz 1729m pass

July 27th Tuesday - (174,5 km, 3652m, 20%, 10-34°C)
Colla del Prel 1615m IT-CN-1615a (via Valle Corsaglia/Fontane) & Prato Nevoso 1605m (BIG687)
Colle del Mortè 709m IT-CN-0708
Col de la Lombarde/Colle della Lombarda 2350m FR-06-2350a (BIG309)

July 28th Wednesday - (222,5 km, 5217m, 20%, 13-34°C)
Col de l’Abeille 922m FR-06-0922
Col d'Andrion 1681m FR-06-1681
Col des Fourches 2261m FR-06-2261b
Col des Granges Communes/Col du Raspaillon 2513m FR-04-2513
Col de la Bonette 2715m FR-04-2715
Cime de la Bonette 2802m (BIG308)
Faux Col de Restefond (2639m) FR-04-2639
Col de Vars 2108m FR-04-2108 (BIG305)

July 29th Thursday - (173 km, 2693m, 14%, 14-29°C)
Col des Eygaux 914m FR-05-0914
Col de la Croix Haute 1176m FR-26-1176
Col de Grimone 1318m FR-26-1318
Col de Menée (Tunnel) 1402m FR-26-1402b (BIG299)
Col du Prayer 1197m FR-38-1197a
Col de Fau 899m FR-38-0899
Col de Cossey/Comboire 430m FR-38-0430

July 30th Friday - (88 km, 1754m, 12%, 18-28°C)
Col de Fontrijole 501m FR-69-0501a
Col de la Croix du Ban 604m FR-69-0602a
Ancien col de la Croix du Ban 605m FR-69-0605
Col de la Luère 715m FR-69-0714
Col de Malval 732m FR-69-0732
Col de la Croix de Part 812m FR-69-0811
Col des Brosses 866m FR-69-0867

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Posts : 133
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Location : Sweden

PostSubject: Re: results of my Tour of the Alps 2010   Sun Apr 17, 2011 2:14 am

My tour description is now also online:

(do not use Internet Explorer ...)

All the best,

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results of my Tour of the Alps 2010
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