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 missink links in France

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Jean-Pierre Notten

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Join date : 2007-08-22

PostSubject: missink links in France   Thu Aug 23, 2007 11:30 pm

I am a member of the BIG challenge since 1999 and I consider this forum as an appropiate opportunity to make a serious proposal for our challenge.
Therefore I am curious about the reactions of our colleages in the challenge.
Ever since I join the Big, I've missed two important climbs in France: the col d'Eze and the Cirque de Navacelles. The first of course because of its part and importance in Paris-Nice for years, the second because of its unbelievable beautifullness. I think the Cirque de Navacelles is one of the most beautiful climbs I've ever done. The nature is in one word: magnificent. What makes this climb furthermore special is the fact that it starts with a downhill. I've already done 79 climbs of the BIG challenge in France, and I am convinced that there are numerous ones that cannot stand the competition with the Cirque the Navacelles. Not al all! I invite you to seek for this climb or just look at google. The different images will not only make you curious, it will convince you that it is not the list that deserves the climb, but that the climb deserves our list.
Jean-Pierre Notten
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daniel gobert

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Location : Belgrade (Namur-Belgique)

PostSubject: Re: missink links in France   Fri Aug 24, 2007 3:51 pm

In fact, the two climbs suggested are very scenic or mediatic, surely better than a couple of other french ones. But, well, the difficulty is that we have chosen a closed list of 1.000 BIGs and that the suggestions of good climbs are not few.
A look in our website about the list's evolution shows how much our list has changed since the start of the challenge. We need now some calm for a moment.
That's why we've hardly worked in 2006-2007 to ameliorate greatly the still bad zones with unknown climbs or unrideable climbs. At the end of 2007, we'll have a strong list with some stability.
It doesn't mean that no changes will be allowed anymore, but that a change will be more difficult to obtain. The change must be included in one of the 5 conditions cleared at the end of the dutch page of the rules .
If the "col d'Eze" or "Cirque de Navacelles" can take the place of another one included in one of those five conditions, you can suggest this change to the GIO and the GIO will vote at the end of the year.
Let's be clear : changes will still exist but will be few and analysed according to strict rules. It's better for the long life of the challenge, even if on my own, I really prefer to climb Cirque de Navacelles than col de Rieisse or col des Faisses.
Just try, Jean-Pierre, your suggestion is welcome !
All your suggestions are welcome but the rules for changes must be strict.

climbing is going higher - grimper c'est s'élever
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Location : Cardedeu - Barcelona

PostSubject: Re: missink links in France   Fri Sep 28, 2007 11:38 pm

Thank you for sharing this climb, Jean Pierre. I am planning a visit to Massif Central and this climb becomes one of the "must". Even if it is not BIG!
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PostSubject: Re: missink links in France   Sat Oct 13, 2007 12:31 pm

le cirque de navacelles est superbe mais point excessivement dur
le col d'eze est certes l'arrivée de paris nice, mais c'est un boulevard peu pentu (sur le parcours de la course, en voie directe c'est autre chose) qui est trop fréquenté par la gent automobile
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PostSubject: Re: missink links in France   

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missink links in France
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